Welcome to Saigon Bistro
We proudly serve a unique Vietnamese Cuisine with a French twist. Our menu offers an excellent array of dishes to enjoy. We are pleased to be at your service to provide you with the best dining experience.
–Thank You

Saigon Bistro Don Chau Quy Khach
Chan thanh cam on quy khach da den voi nha hang Saigon Bistro de thuong thuc mot bua an ngon va thuan tuy hom nay.Su ung ho nong nhiet va long tin nhiem cua quy khach la mot vinh du va hanh dien ma quy khach da danh cho chung toi. De phuc vu quy khach an can va chieu dai tan tam.” Vui long khach den hai long khach di” chung toi luon co gang tan dung het moi kha nang va kinh nghiem trong nhieu nam qua ve viec cai tien cach nau va phuc vu. Rat mong duoc su dong gop y kien xay dung quy bao cua quy khach
— Than chu kinh moi


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