Chicken & Rib Eye

Chicken- Ga

Chicken Sautéed in Lemon Grass 12.99
Chicken, red & green pepper, onions, lemon grass curry w/ brown sauce, cilantro.

Chicken Mixed Vegetable 12.99
Chicken, carrots, snow peas, broccoli, mushrooms, red & green pepper, onions, fresh ginger, bean sprout & scallion.

Chicken Curry * 12.99
Chicken, onions, bamboo shoots, red & green pepper, basil leaves, coconut milk curry sauce.

Chicken with Cashews Nut 13.99
Chicken, onions, carrots, red pepper, cashew nut, brown sauce, scallions.

Rib eye – BO

Rib eye w/ Snow Peas & Mushrooms 15.99
Snow Peas, Mushrooms, Brown Sauce, Cilantro.

Rib eye with Basil Leaves 15.99
Onions, Basil Leaves, Brown Sauce.

Mongolian Beef * 15.99
Rib eye, onions, red & green pepper, jalapeno, sautéed in brown sauce, topped w/ scallions.

Rib eye Sautéed in Lemon Grass & Curry* 15.99
Onions, red & green pepper sautéed in lemon grass & coconut milk curry sauce, topped w/ cilantro, crushed peanut, & fried onions.


*Medium Spicy

Seafood and Nut Warning:
We will not be held responsible for any allergic reaction to our seafood or other food items.


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